AR-15 Lower Receiver Spring Kit - 20 Piece Gunsmith Box - M4

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The Strike Industries AR-15 lower Receiver spring replacement kit includes 9 important springs that are commonly replaced or easily lost when building stripped AR-15 lower receivers. The 9-Piece kit includes springs for the bolt catch, disconnector, buffer retainer, trigger, hammer, magazine catch, selector, and two detents.


- Replace worn springs
- Commonly used springs
- Essential for a gunsmith or AR owner

Package includes:

- 20 x Bolt Catch Spring
- 20 x Buffer Retainer Spring
- 20 x Trigger Spring
- 20 x Hammer Spring
- 20 x Disconnector Spring
- 20 x Magazine Catch Spring
- 20 x Selector Spring
- 40 x Detent Spring

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