Sig Sauer - P320 Lower Parts Kit to Complete 80% Frame

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This is the Sig P320 lower parts kit you have been waiting for! This is a complete lower parts kit to finish your P320 modular frame with the upgraded drop safety features not pictured, so you can pair it with your favorite X-change kit. Tired of piecing out your p320 parts from a hundred websites? Then here they are.

This kit includes the following parts:

  • Take-down lever
  • Take-down safety lever
  • Slide catch lever pin
  • Trigger stop pin
  • Trigger stop pin frame
  • Slide catch lever spring
  • Spring post,slide catch lever
  • Slide catch lever
  • Trigger bar
  • Safety lever pin
  • Trigger
  • Sear housing roll pin
  • Sear housing Assembly
  • Sear pivot Pin
  • Trigger bar Spring

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